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ノース メルボルン ブレンド [200g]

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ノース メルボルン:ドリップバッグ100g500g

English [日本語は上]

From our garage on Dryburgh Street, North Melbourne we began roasting and created Dryburgh Coffee Roasters. It was here that we first came up with our signature blend that could be used as a filter, espresso, or french press. The medium-roasted full-bodied base allowed it to cut through milk, while still retaining its delicate blueberry sweetness. Since modifying our original blend to suit Hokkaido, it has become our most popular coffee. This espresso roasted blend brings out flavors of blueberry, honey, and apple.

North Melbourne:Drip bag100g500g

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At Dryburgh Coffee Roasters, we believe that every coffee offers a different story and experience. By directly sourcing all our specialty-grade coffee, we connect our 100% Arabica beans directly to the farm. If you would like to try our coffee before purchasing, check out one of the cafes currently using Dryburgh Coffee.