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At Dryburgh Coffee Roasters, we believe that every coffee offers a different story and experience. By directly sourcing all our specialty-grade coffee, we connect our 100% Arabica beans directly to the farm. If you would like to try our coffee before purchasing, check out one of the cafes currently using Dryburgh Coffee.

ブラジル フルッタ メルカドン [200g]


ブラジル フルッタ メルカドン [200g] 00008
”フルッタ メルカドン” はポルトガル語で ”フルーツ マーケット” という意味の豆。今の ”Unique Experience” コーヒーは フィルターロースト (浅煎り) でパパヤ、バナナ、アプリコットの風味です。普通のコーヒーより 違う経験が欲しい方にオススメです。 Currently listed as our “Unique Experience” coffee, these beans were given the name “Fruit Market” in Portuguese. Filter roasted, to bring out notes of papaya, apricot, and banana, we recommend these beans to those that want a new coffee experience.
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挽き具合 [Grind]