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メキシコ カフェインレス [Mexican Decaf]

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日本語 [English below]

Mountain Water Process(マウンテン ウォータープロセス)でカフェインを取り除いたコーヒーです。Mountain Water Processというのは100%ケミカルフリーでカフェイン99.9%除去しています。妊娠中でも、カフェインを控えたい方でもお楽めるコーヒーです。このミディアムボディな豆は深煎りでチョコレートとヘーゼルナッツのような味わいです。


English [日本語は上]

Mountain Water Process is a special process which removes caffeine from the beans. It is a 100% chemical free process that removes 99.9% of the caffeine from the beans. It is a good alternative to those who are pregnant or would like to drink coffee, but are trying to reduce their caffeine intake. These dark roasted beans are medium-bodied with notes of chocolate and hazelnut.

Comes in 100g and 200g bags.

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