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春のスペシャル : コスタリカ ファラミ [200g]

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日本語(English below)

春のスペシャルには、通常のコーヒーショップとは少し違うものが欲しかったので、ファラミはまさに理想的なコーヒーです。本当の風味を引き出すために、ローストは軽めに。丸みを帯びた感じがします 。 フローラル、ミルクチョコレート、アプリコットといった風味が特徴的です。

コスタリカ ファラミ : 100g

精製 : レッドハニー品種 : ブルボン・標高 : 1800m

English (日本語は上)

Introducing our amazing spring special, Costa Rica Farami.

The Farami plantation is located in the famous Tarrazu coffee region of Costa Rica, where wet winds from the Caribbean hit the Central American Ranges and blow down as dry, cold winds. The farm uses these ideal coffee growing conditions to make beautiful honey-processed coffee packed with flavor and sweetness. Like all of our specials, this coffee has scored above 85 points on the cupping table, marking it as a “Top Specialty Coffee,” a grade higher than regular “Specialty Coffee.”

For our spring special, we wanted something a bit different than you would get from your regular coffee shop. Farami is exactly that. In order to bring out the true flavor of this quality coffee, it is lightly roasted, giving it round-mouth feel with floral notes, milk chocolate, and apricot.

Spring comes late in Hokkaido. Get spring started with a this beautiful coffee, before we sell out.

Costa Rica Farami : 100g

Process : Red Honey・Varietal : Bourbon・Elevation : 1800m

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At Dryburgh Coffee Roasters, we believe that every coffee offers a different story and experience. By directly sourcing all our specialty-grade coffee, we connect our 100% Arabica beans directly to the farm. If you would like to try our coffee before purchasing, check out one of the cafes currently using Dryburgh Coffee.